Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program

Cognitive processing, thinking and memory are distributed throughout the brain. No function occurs entirely in one specific brain region.

Loss of synchrony and timing of neural impulses, both within and between processing centers, results in the loss of brain integration and thus, of cognitive functioning.

The primary cause of the loss of integration is stress and the activation of the ‘fight/flight/freeze” response, which inhibits the frontal lobe-the area of higher reasoning.

Resynchronization does not automatically occur. This loss of synchronized function may result in learning problems, emotional or behavioral issues, hyperactivity or attention deficit. The longer it continues, a negative feedback cycle begins to hamper self esteem and behavior.

The natural enjoyment of learning becomes crippled.

Applications of neuro-integration techniques such as kinesiology and acupressure, along with nutritional support, allow the brain function to normalize.